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Hi there.

Our mother was striken with cerebral haemorrhage at the age of 47 in 2005. That eventually left her almost fully paralysed, unable to talk, and unable to breathe through her nostrils. Her quality of life diminished progressively through the subsequent years despite rehabilitative efforts. She endured multiple trips to the hospitals each year. In 2012, our father’s diabetic condition led to the onset of various complications, beginning with a heart attack that required a triple heart bypass surgery. He subsequently underwent a number of operations, including a gall bladder removal and double leg amputations, one after another. He endured much pain throughout the ordeal, and things started to seem to get better. Unbeknownst to us, his kidneys had also slowly been failing along the way. On 5th July 2014, he drew his last breath here on earth and entered into eternal rest at the age of 59. Just two months after on the 14th of September 2014, our mother went home to be with God as well at the age of 56. We embarked on this recording journey to have something tangible to remember our parents’ lives with, and also to remember how God, in His mercy and by His grace, has seen us through. Indeed, we have been able to do (go through all of) this because of Christ who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13). We hope that you will be able to have a sense of His comfort through the songs, and that you’ll find the strength to take your next leap of faith, be it out of a trying situation, in trusting God again, or in believing in Him for the very first time.

Blessings and love,
Galvin and Dorothy

BLESS-IT-ON: Just as we have been blessed with the resources to gift you with this album, we ask that you would bless-it-on. Contribute an amount based on how much you think this album is worth to whatever worthy cause of your choice, and especially so if you have been blessed by what you’ve heard. And if you would like to support us financially in our future projects or in helping us do hardcopy reprints of this album for future giveaways, you can, too. Contact us via the form below. We hope that you’ll enjoy the album.
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